Great Throughts Treasury

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Hippolyte Jean Giraudoux

French Dramatist, Noverlist, Essayist

"All the evil in the world is the fault of the self-styled pure in heart, a result of their eagerness to unearth secrets and expose them to the light of the sun."

"A man has only one way of being immortal on this earth: he has to forget he is mortal."

"There are no elements so diverse that they cannot be joined in the heart of a man."

"If you are willing to forget that there is an element of duty in love and of love in duty, then it's easy to choose between the two."

"During war we imprison the rights of man."

"Water, gentlemen, is the one substance from which the earth can conceal nothing. It sucks out its innermost secrets and brings them to our very lips."

"We all know here that the law is the most powerful of schools for the imagination. No poet ever interpreted nature as freely as a lawyer interprets the truth."

"Those who weep recover more quickly than those who smile."

"To seek out in a world full of joy the one thing that is certain to give you pain, and hug that to your bosom with all your strength - that's the greatest human happiness."