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Jim Webb, formally James Henry Webb, Jr.

American Social Entrepreneur, Senator from Virginia, Secretary of the Navy

"The wealth of a society isn't measured at the top, but at the bottom"

"Friends are found on the battlefield, and unfortunately friends are also lost. And where do we find the measure of that sacrifice? How can we account for the value of that loss? Sometimes we can find an answer in our sense of country, at other times in our Corps. But clearly we can see it in the lives that were able to continue due to the acts of others who were not so fortunate."

"Where principle is involved, be deaf to expediency."

"Our country is in the middle of a profound crisis. This crisis has many causes, but much of it has been brought about by poor leadership decisions at every level of government. In addition, our electoral process is dominated by financial interests that are threatened by the very notion of reform."

"Before all else, each of us must take a fundamental risk - to be true to our selves."