Great Throughts Treasury

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Joseph Alleine

English Puritan Nonconformist Pastor and Author of Religious Works

"A man may as certainly miscarry by his seeming righteousness and supposed graces as by his gross sins."

"Conversion is a deep work—a heart work.—It goes throughout the man, throughout the mind, throughout the members, throughout the entire life."

"How unbelievingly, carelessly, and senselessly most men live on earth, as if there were no such difference in another world ... No one driveth or forceth them to hell, and will they go thither of themselves? ... Did you but see yourselves, what we see by faith, (believing God) and at once behold the saints in heaven, the lost despairing souls in hell, and the senseless, sensual sinners on earth, that will lay none of this to heart, surely it would make you wonder at the stupidity of mankind."