Great Throughts Treasury

A database of quotes

Leonard Leeman

American Author

"Fear feeds on itself; so does confidence and self-reliance. Make your choice."

"Self-conceit is self-deceit."

"Fulfillment never measures up to the height of expectations."

"From the artist we must learn not what to compose, but how to compose; from the philosopher we must learn not what to think but how to think; only then can we make our own contribution."

"Life is a continual process of education and reeducation."

"It requires no wisdom to become a father, but it does to be one."

"The longest sermon will not lift a grain of sand."

"All animals have natural enemies except Man, who has himself."

"Most people ruminate, but few of them think."

"Noble thoughts not followed by action are like good music which is never played."

"The young man looks to the future, the old man looks at the past, but only the present is real."

"A proposition that is subject to interpretation cannot be a truth."