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Moncure Daniel Conway

American Clergyman, Author and Abolitionist

"All religion and all ethics are summed up in justice."

"The best thing in every noble dream is the dreamer."

"Scholars may quote Plato in studies, but the hearts of millions shall quote the Bible at their daily toil, and draw strength from its inspiration, as the meadows draw it from the brook."

"He shrank from even the smallest things that inclined towards self indulgence. He would not remain alone with a lady."

"There was logic even in his laughter. He passed the cup of mirth, and in its sparkling foam were found the gems of unanswerable truth. Every variety of power was in this orator, - logic and poetry, humor and imagination, simplicity and dramatic art, moral and boundless sympathy... The effect on the people was indescribable. The large theatre was crowded from pit to dome. The people were carried from plaudits of his argument to loud laughter at his humorous sentences, and his flexible voice carried the sympathies of the assembly with it, at times moving them to tears by his pathos. [On Colonel Robert Green Ingersoll]"

"If you can but give to the fainting soul at your door a cup of water from the wells of truth, it shall flash back on you the radiance of God. As you save, so shall you be saved."

"There is a tradition that, on his return from France, Jefferson called Washington to account at the breakfast-table for having agreed to a second chamber. “Why,” asked Washington, “did you pour that coffee into your saucer?” “To cool it,” quoth Jefferson. “Even so,” said Washington, “we pour legislation into the senatorial saucer to cool it.”"