Great Throughts Treasury

A database of quotes

Mustapha Mahmoud

Egyptian Physician, Islamic Scholar, Scientist and Author

"At first glance, life appears meaningless, futile, full of contradictions and absurdities. But a deeper, meditating look uncovers beauty, order and harmony, revealing life as a supreme accomplishment of eternal wisdom... All of creation is an act of love and providence, a drama imbued with meaning... In simple words: Life is a mission of awareness and awakening and deep enlightenment. We are here to sense this divine presence beyond all phenomena. We are here to recognize a deep urge in our hearts to act in harmony, in conformity and in love with these divinities."

"The happiness in the only possible meaning .. Is a state of peace between the visible and subcontractors and between man himself and others and between man and between God both outwardly and inwardly as if they were in the other units, and the individual becomes like us and everyone... As if all the birds are singing to him and speak his language"

"This is love in one word: proportionality .. Fit the soul and natures before the suit bodies, ages and cultures."

"I will not be the only religious science ... God does not worship ignorance."

"Cost more hatred of love .. Because they are feeling is normal .. Sense the movement of objects such as reverse against Earth's gravity .. Require additional power and consume more fuel. "

"I want a moment of excitement... a moment of love... the moment of astonishment... eureka moment... the moment... I want to know the moment of my life to make sense of my life."

"The sins that cry to be a right, not on any abandoned; or any parting; or any other disease; or any death; and if so, who estimated the right of God."

"Remorse is the voice of common sense the moment of error."

"Be as you are .. It will guide you to the right yourself."

"A man who stepped quarter of a million miles in space to the moon was unable to step length, a few meters of assisted his colleagues are dying of hunger in India and other Ashakhm injustice in Jerusalem, Vietnam .. and America meets Russia to brighten up the moon and fail to meet them in the Security Council. and escape from that soul and to Atbha space universe where the laws of God to rely on accurate it is safe and easy .. A thousand times easier than observing i'tikaaf rights on the same repairs and He should work out .. but at the same time escape from man's first message on the ground... To know himself and He should work out. Thought and religion and science together make man himself... The physical science alone, without faith and without creating not only made ​​from the same arrogant and distorted deformity giant moving between planets and invent a terrible terrible weapons of mass murder by destroying the All, and then destroys himself without knowing it. "

"Do you know What does it mean that God exists? Means that our concerns are melting in an atmosphere of mercy and forgiveness, Forgiving Most Merciful .. Not our Lord say to us (with the lining) and narrow the vagina comes with it and in what I send a human to check on these species. Because God .. One .. There will not be in existence another god will not invalidate the promise ourselves we split the parties and will not and will not between loyalty and loyalty to the right and left and fawn fawn of the East and the West and pleaded for the rich and powerful slumped on the doorstep .. Each has strengths and each has a rich and all the knowledge he has and all that we aspire to in his hands .. And escape from it but not to him."

"The happiness in the only possible meaning is a state of peace between the visible and subcontractors and between man himself and others and between man and between God. Venskb both outwardly and inwardly as if they were in the other units, and the individual becomes like us and everyone .. And as if all the birds are singing to him and speak his language."

"The tragedy of the time .. That there is no moment in which repeated twice .. But it is a perennial river where the water is changing continuously and non-stop."

"Do you know? What does it mean that God exists? Means that justice and mercy is found and forgiveness exist. Meant to reassure the heart and soul and comfortable living heart and removes the right to be concerned and continued to his companions. Meaning... Tears will not go in vain and will not go without the fruit of patience and will not be good for nothing and will not pass the evil unchecked will not get away with crime without punishment. Means that the vineyard is to govern the existence and is not a stingy .. It is not printed decent take away what gives .. If God gave us life, he can not rob to death .. There can be negatively death to life .. But it is a move out to another life after death, then life again after the Baath and then to the mystic's in heaven forever."

"Chemistry and the Nature of Science and electricity are small. And religion is a science major, which includes all science in the core. No conflict between science and religion, because religion in itself is very science that contains essentially all the sciences. And religion is necessary and required for it is he who draws a small science goals, objectives, and puts her in the sound of its functions under the best of life .. religion is the conscience of residence .. Conscience and in turn chooses Atomic Energy Agency and constructive function .. Not cast out destruction and death on the innocent .. He calls on us to make electricity and lighting means no way to destruction."

"A life that ends at death, with no existence beyond it, is a life not worth living."

"Do not look at what the faces paint. And do not listen to what the tongues say. And do not become concerned with tears. All of these are part of the shell of the human, and he changes his shell every day. Look for what's beyond the shell. And this of course is not the heart, for the heart turns upside down easily. And it is not the mind, for he changes his viewpoint whenever the angel changes. Always look at the moment when he uses his freedom of choice."

"He could have gone back to Saudi Arabia, but he's a madman, he wanted to prove that he's the hero."

"Man wasn't made to inherit Paradise without effort. Rather, he was made to conquer Paradise, after proving his worthiness of it."

"Oh Allah I ask you for a mercy, oh Allah I ask you for a love that lasts, oh Allah I ask you for a compassionate contentment and a good heart, oh Allah there is no mercy except through You, from You, and for You."

"The artist seeks beauty, the thinker seeks truth, the revolutionary seeks justice, the Sufi seeks Allah. They differ in their appearances, but in reality they do not differ, because Truth, Justice, Creativity and Beauty are all names of Allah."

"The diplomatic is the man who speaks to me when he dislikes me in a way that makes me think he likes me."

"Then they threw everything they could find out the window and set fire to the place."

"There is no shield left against insanity, and no protection against breakdown except for each one of us to take refuge in Allah and hold on tight to his faith. Allah has said that the worldly life is a house of trials and there is no stability and no refuge in it. The command to be patient is mentioned over 100 times in the Quran, and not just patience, but beautiful patience: ?So endure patiently, with a beautiful patience.? (Quran 70:5), ?He said: ?No! Your own selves have tempted you to do something evil [against Joseph]! Therefore a beautiful patience (shall be my refuge).? (Quran 12:18). Beautiful patience is the sign of true submission for the person capable of it, and the only lifeline in a turbulent age."

"They want to change our government and break our people."

"Work and move closer to Allah through seeking knowledge, not through growing beards, shortening your garments, wearing sandals, and holding on to the apparent and secondary things, for the first verse that was sent down in your Book was: ?Read!?"