Great Throughts Treasury

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Nahum Sokolow

Polish-Russian Jewish Writer, Zionist Leader, Secretary General & President of the World Zionist Congress

"The pyramidal effect is essential to all the arts - the effect of starting from the level, rising to the supreme height, and sinking back to the original level again. This in truth is the meaning of key in music; in art, as in life, the secret of happiness is first of all to get as far away from home as you can, and then get back to your home: every work of art is a sort of Prodigal Son, that learns to appreciate the fixed point in space as in ethics, by straying from it."

"The Jews will establish themselves in Palestine in the same way as the French and English established themselves in Canada or the Boers did in South Africa—by settling on the land."

"As president of the largest Jewish organization[World Zionist Congress/B'nai B'rith], I disposed of budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars; I directed thousands of employees, and all this, I emphasize again, not for one particular state, but within the frame work of International Jewry."

"Masonry has nothing in common with Judaism."