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Paul Fleming, also spelled Flemming

German Poet and Hymn Writer

"Much has been said about the relative happiness; but write it on your heart that happiness is the cheapest thing in the world - when we buy it for someone else."

"Let nothing make thee sad or fretful, Or too regretful; Be still; What God hath ordered must be right; Then find in it thine own delight, My will. Why shouldst thou fill to-day with sorrow About to-morrow. My heart? _One_ watches all with care most true; Doubt not that he will give thee too Thy part. Only be steadfast; never waver, Nor seek earth's favor, But rest: Thou knowest what God wills must be For all his creatures, so for thee, The best. "

"Before you take another step, step back into yourself. If you can govern yourself and be your own master, yours is the whole wide world and everything within it."

"Why shouldst thou fill to-day with sorrow about to-morrow, my heart?"