Great Throughts Treasury

A database of quotes

Richard Clarke Cabot

American Physician who advanced Clinical Hematology, Pioneer in Social Work

"Thinking is not worship, but if it is initiated by a wrench of sorrow which banishes the half-gods of our superfician existence, God may appear."

"Whenever beauty overwhelms us, whenever wonder silences our chattering hopes and worries, we are close to worship."

"Perhaps the greatest blessing in marriage is that it lasts so long. The years, like the varying interests of each year, combine to buttress and enrich each other. Out of many shared years, one life. In a series of temporary relationships, one misses the ripening, gathering, harvesting joys, the deep, hard-won truths of marriage."

"When we try to serve or understand the world we touch what is divine. We get our dignity, our courage, our joy in work because of the greatness of the far-off and always in sight, always attainable, never at any moment attained. Service is one of the ways by which a tiny insect like one of us can get a purchase on the whole universe. If we find the job where we can be of use, we are hitched to the star of the world and move with it."

"Ethics and Science need to shake hands."

"Work is the best of all psychotherapy, in my opinion"

"Work is doing what you now enjoy for the sake of a future which you clearly see and desire. Drudgery is doing under strain what you don't now enjoy and for no end that you can now appreciate."