Great Throughts Treasury

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Robert Pollok

Scottish Poet best known for "The Course of Time"

"This whole striving for brotherhood is somehow in the very nature of things. Once you affirm it, you're in the stream of existence."

"Sorrows remembered sweeten present joy."

"Children are living jewels dropped unsustained from heaven. "

"Most wondrous book! bright candle of the Lord! Star of Eternity! The only star By which the bark of man could navigate The sea of life, and gain the coast of bliss Securely. "

"Who born so poor, Of intellect so mean, as not to know What seem'd the best; and knowing not to do? As not to know what God and conscience bade, And what they bade not able to obey?' "

"The song Of Heaven is ever new; for daily thus, And nightly, new discoveries are made Of God's unbounded wisdom, power, and love, Which give the understanding larger room, And swell the hymn with ever-growing praise. "

"The Book, this Holy Book, on every line, Mark'd with the seal of high divinity, On every leaf bedew'd with drops of love Divine, and with the eternal heraldry And signature of God Almighty stamp'd From first to last; this ray of sacred light, This lamp, from off the everlasting throne, Mercy took down, and in the night of time Stood, casting on the dark her gracious bow; And evermore beseeching men With tears And earnest sighs, to read, believe and live. "

"Of lunacy, Innumerous were the causes; humbled pride, Ambition disappointed, riches lost, And bodily disease, and sorrow, oft By man inflicted on his brother man; Sorrow, that, made the reason drunk, and yet Left much untasted. So the cup was fill'd. "

"Of all the phantoms fleeting in the mist Of time, though meagre all and ghostly thin; Most unsubstantial, unessential shade Was earthly fame. "

"Maternal love! thou word that sums all bliss, Gives and receives all bliss,-- fullest when most Thou givest! spring-head of all felicity, Deepest when most is drawn! emblem of God! O'erflowing most when greatest numbers drink! "

"He was the freeman whom the truth made free; Who first of all, the bands of Satan broke; Who broke the bands of sin, and for his soul, In spite of fools consulted seriously. "

"He sat amid his bags, and, with a look Which hell might be ashamed of, drove the poor Away unalmsed; and midst abundance died-- Sorest of evils!--died of utter want. "

"All are friends in heaven, all faithful friends, And many friendships in the days of Time Begun, are lasting there and growing still. "

"A fellow feeling makes us wondrous kind."

"A fly, a grape-stone, or a hair can kill."

"A temple of the Holy Ghost, and yet Of lodging fiends."

"A man who stole the livery of the court of heaven to serve the devil in."

"All seems infected that th' infected spy, As all looks yellow to the jaundiced eye."

"And gentle dullness ever loves a joke."

"As living jewels dropped unstained from heaven."

"But when to mischief mortals bend their will, how soon they find fit instruments of ill."

"But the unfaithful priest, what tongue enough, shall execrate?"

"By nature's laws, immutable and just, enjoyment stops where indolence begins."

"Do good by stealth, and blush to find it fame."

"Enjoyment stops where indolence begins."

"Fair tresses man's imperial race ensnare, And beauty draws us with a single hair."

"For all are friends in heaven, all faithful friends; and many friendships in the days of time begun, are lasting here, and growing still."

"Far from gay cities and the ways of men."

"He laid his hand upon "the Ocean's mane," and played familiar with his hoary locks."

"Get wealth and power, if possible by grace, If not, by any means, get wealth and place."

"Friends given by God in mercy and in love; my counsellors, my comforters, and guides; my joy in grief, my second bliss in joy; companions of my young desires; in doubt my oracles; my wings in high pursuit. Oh! I remember, and will ne'er forget our meeting spots, our chosen sacred hours; our burning words, that utter'd all the soul, our faces beaming with unearthly love;--Sorrow with sorrow sighing, hope with hope exulting, heart embracing heart entire."

"Get money, money still! And then let virtue follow, if she will."

"Friend, for your epitaph I'm grieved, Where still so much is said; One half will never be believed, The other never read."

"He touched his harp, and nations heard, entranced, as some vast river of unfailing source, rapid, exhaustless, deep, his numbers flowed, and opened new fountains in the human heart."

"He pray'd by quantity, And with his repetitions, long and loud, All knees were weary."

"He was a man who stole the livery of the court of Heaven to serve the Devil in."

"Just as the twig is bent the tree's inclined."

"Highest when it stoops."

"Pleased with a rattle, tickled with a straw."

"Redemption is the science and the song of all eternity. Archangels, day and night, into its glories look. The saints and elders round the throne, old in the years of heaven, examine it perpetually."

"Rumor was the messenger Of defamation, and so swift, that none Could be the first to tell an evil tale."

"She weaves the winding-sheets of souls, and lays Them in the urn of everlasting death."

"Sin is dark and loves the dark, still hides from itself in gloom, and in the darkest hell is still itself the darkest hell and the severest woe."

"Living jewels, dropped unstained from heaven."

"Mercy stood in the cloud, with eye that wept essential love."

"On his weary couch fat Luxury, sick of the night's debauch, lay groaning, fretful at the obtrusive beam that through his lattice peeped derisively."

"Maternal love! thou word that sums all bliss."

"Or will you think, my friend, your bus'ness done when, of a hundred thorns, you pull out one."

"Sweet tears! the awful language, eloquent Of infinite affection; far too big For words."

"T was Slander filled her mouth with lying words, slander, the foulest whelp of Sin."