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Subhadra Bhikshu, pen name for Friedrich Zimmermann

German Lay Buddhist, Author

"To be born is to suffer: to grow old is to suffer: to die is to suffer: to lose what is loved is to suffer: to be tied to what is not loved is to suffer: to endure what is distasteful is to suffer. In short, all the results of individuality, or separate self-hood, necessarily involve pain or suffering."

"As long as the evil deed does not bear fruit, the fool thinks it like honey, but when it ripens, and then the fool suffers with grief."

"Buddhism teaches the reign of perfect goodness and wisdom without a personal God, continuance of individuality without an immortal soul, eternal happiness without a local heaven, the way of salvation without a vicarious Savior, redemption worked out by each one himself without any prayers, sacrifices and penances, without the ministry of ordained priests, without the intercession of saints, without Divine mercy. Finally, it teaches the supreme perfection is attainable even in this life and on this earth."