Great Throughts Treasury

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Thomas Binney

English Congregationalist Divine known as the 'Archbishop of Nonconformity'

"All errors spring up in the neighborhood of some truth; they grow round about it, and, for the most part, deprive their strength from such contiguity."

"A right act strikes a chord that extends through the whole universe, touches all moral intelligence, visits every world, vibrates along its whole extent, and conveys its vibrations to the very bosom of God!"

"Eternal Light! Eternal Light! How pure the soul must be, When, placed within Thy searching sight, It shrinks not, but, with calm delight, Can live, and look on Thee! The spirits that surround Thy throne May bear the burning bliss; But that is surely theirs alone, Since they have never, never known A fallen world like this. O! how shall I, whose native sphere Is dark, whose mind is dim, Before the Ineffable appear, And on my naked spirit bear That uncreated beam? There is a way for man to rise To that sublime abode:— An offering and a sacrifice, A Holy Spirit’s energies, An Advocate with God:— These, these prepare us for the sight Of Holiness above: The sons of ignorance and night May dwell in the Eternal Light, Through the Eternal Love!"

"The dark in soul see in the universe their own shadow; the shattered spirit can only reflect external beauty in form as untrue and broken as itself."

"There will be no Christian but what will have a Gethsemane, but every praying Christian will find that there is no Gethsemane without its angel!"

"A prayer, in its simplest definition, is merely a wish turned heavenward."

"Every praying Christian will find that there is no Gethsemane without its angel."

"Nothing can occur beyond the strength of faith to sustain, or, transcending the resources of religion, to relieve."

"Nature is the most thrifty thing in the world; she never wastes anything; she undergoes change, but there's no annihilation, the essence remains--matter is eternal."