Great Throughts Treasury

A database of quotes

Thomas Middleton

English Dramatist, Playwright and Poet

"A man is never too old to learn."

"Charity is never lost: it may meet with ingratitude, or be of no service to those on whom it was bestowed, yet it ever does a work of beauty and grace upon the heart of the giver."

"T is a stinger."

"’T is slight, not strength, that gives the greatest lift."

"A flat case as plain as a pack-staff."

"A little too wise, they say, do ne’er live long."

"A mad world, my masters."

"A wise man likes that best, that is itself; not that which only seems, though it look fairer."

"A wondrous necessary man."

"All is not gold that glisteneth"

"All was false and hollow, though his tongue Dropt manna, and could make the worst appear The better reason."

"Alsemero: Oh, thou shouldst have gone a thousand leagues about to have avoided this dangerous bridge of blood; here we are lost."

"Alsemero: Peace, quench thy zeal; 'tis dangerous to thy bosom. Jasperino: Then truth is full of peril. Alsemero: Such truths are."

"And dearest enemy."

"And with necessity, the tyrant's plea, excused his devilish deeds."

"Anything for a quiet life."

"As fast as they peep up let's cut 'em down."

"As old Chaucer was wont to say, that broad famous English poet."

"As the case stands."

"As true as I live."

"Beat all your feathers as flat down as pancakes."

"Beware ambition; heaven is not reached with pride; but with submission."

"Black spirits and white, red spirits and gray, Mingle, mingle, mingle, you that mingle may!"

"But what avail'd this temperance, not complete Against another object more enticing?"

"By many a happy accident."

"Castiza: False! I defy you both! I have endured you with an ear of fire; Your tongues have struck hot irons on my face! Mother, come from that poisonous woman there. Gratiana: Where? Castiza: Do you not see her? She's too inward then."

"Faith, if the truth were known, I was begot after some gluttonous dinner; some stirring dish was my first father. When deep healths went round, and ladies' cheeks were painted red with wine, their tongues as short and nimble as their heels, uttering words sweet and thick, and when they rose were marrily disposed to fall again: Oh, damnation met the sin of feasts, drunken adultery! I feel it swell me; my revenge is just: I was begot in impudent wine and lust… As for my brother, the duke's only son, whose birth is more beholding to report than mine, and yet perhaps as falsely sown, I'll loose my days upon him, hate all I."

"For evil news rides post, while good news baits."

"For he that sows in craft does reap in jealousy."

"For Lycidas is dead, dead ere his prime, Young Lycidas, and hath not left his peer."

"For the air of youth, Hopeful and cheerful, in thy blood will reign A melancholy damp of cold and dry To weigh thy spirits down, and last consume The balm of life."

"Franciscus: How sweetly she looks! Oh, but there's a wrinkle in her brow as deep as philosophy."

"From the crown of our head to the sole of our foot."

"From thousands of our undone widows."

"Good, happy, swift; there's gunpowder i'th' court, wildfire at midnight in this heedless fury."

"Ground not upon dreams, you know they are ever contrary."

"Ha! What news here? Is the day out a' th' socket that it is noon at midnight? The court up?"

"Has not heaven an ear? Is all the lightning wasted?"

"Have you summoned your wits from woolgathering?"

"He did not engage in the conversation."

"Her fingers touched me! She smells all amber."

"Hold their nose to the grindstone."

"How fallen, how changed From him, who, in the happy realms of light, Clothed with transcendent brightness, didst outshine Myriads, though bright."

"How many honest words have suffered corruption since Chaucer’s days!"

"How near am I to happiness that earth exceeds not? not another like it. The treasures of the deep are not so precious, as are the conceal'd comforts of a man lock'd up in woman's love. I scent the air of blessings, when I come but near the house; what a delicious breath marriage sends forth. The violet-bed's not sweeter. Honest wedlock is like a banqueting-house built in a golden, on which the spring's chaste flowers take delight to cast their modest odors."

"How sweetly she looks! O, but there's a wrinkle in her brow as deep as philosophy. - Anacreon, drink to my mistress' health, I'll pledge it. Stay, stay, there's a spider in the cup! No, 'tis but a grape-stone; swallow it, fear nothing, poet. So, so; lift higher."

"I have been a soldier, till the helm hath worn those aged temples bare."

"I much applaud thy judgment; thou art well-read in a fellow. And 'tis the deepest art to study man."

"I never heard of any true affection but 'twas nipped."

"I smell a rat."