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Timothy Miller, fully Timothy S. Miller

American Professor of Religious Studies, Author and Activist with a special interest in intentional communities and new religious movements

"Gratitude is the intention to count-your-blessings every day, every minute, while avoiding, whenever possible, the belief that you need or deserve different circumstances."

"It is yoga's ability to bring awareness to different parts of the body and use that awareness to influence autonomic functions ? such as heart rate, brain waves, and blood pressure ? that makes yoga such powerful medicine. You can use it to reduce your levels of stress hormones, like adrenaline and cortisol, which could have beneficial effects on conditions ranging from diabetes to insomnia to osteoporosis. You could lower your blood pressure and with it the risk of heart disease and stroke. You can learn to slow the mind down, lessening anxiety and depression. You can relax the muscles in the back and neck, potentially improving such conditions as headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis."

"A crazy place in my mind laughs to keep the world and my heart from breaking in two"