Great Throughts Treasury

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Walter M. Germain

American Author of "Magic Power of Your Mind" on Parapsychology

"The thinking world is beginning to realize that all the dangers that besiege you can be met with the greatest weapon you possess; your thought and your emotions."

"Your life is governed by your habits. Your habits are governed by you."

"Negative thinking is depriving people of their natural birthright of health. It is the prime cause in shortening the lives of so many of us. And yet it is so simple to live a healthier, longer and so much happier life. We have only to recognize how God works His wonders through laws governing nature and "human nature.""

"As man developed the use of speech through countless generations, he ceased to use --- and finally lost --- his primitive power to communicate telepathically. Yet, despite this fact, among certain primitive tribes the use of communication on the Supraconscious level still is in use, much to the amazement of scientific investigators and the consternation of others who stubbornly deny the existence of extrasensory powers of perception."