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William Kilpatrick, fully William Heard Kilpatrick

American Pedagogue, Progressive Educational Philosopher and Interpreter of John Dewey's Work, President of Mercer University

"The core problem facing our schools is a moral one. All the other problems derive from it. Even academic reform depends on putting character first."

"The learner's attitude is thus an essential factor to determine the direction of his learning, whether he shall learn to do or not learn to do."

"People who grow up without a sense of how yesterday has affected today are unlikely to have a strong sense of how today affects tomorrow. They are unlikely to understand in a bone-deep way how the decisions they make now will shape and affect their future."

"We learn what we accept as our way of living, and we learn it in the degree we live it. Education is thus the cumulative effect of all one's successive learnings."

"Philosophy must at each successive stage of growth help men to set up appropriate aims and ideals of life. A suitable philosophy of education must help practical school people find the educative procedures necessary to attain these aims and prepare for still higher."

"One way to handle the discrepancy between our beliefs and our sinful inclinations is to repent, pray for grace and forgiveness, and struggle on in the belief that God will forge a greater harmony for us out of our battle with sin. "