Great Throughts Treasury

A database of quotes

Zona Gale

American Author and Playwright, awarded Pulitzer Prize for Drama

"The world consists almost exclusively of people who are one sort and who behave like another sort."

"I don't know a better preparation for life than a love of poetry and a good digestion."

"I can never understand why I should eat at one or sleep at eleven, if it is, as it often is, my one and my eleven and nobody else's. For, as between the clock and me alone, one and eleven and all other o'clocks are mine and I am not theirs. But I have known men and women living in hotels who would interrupt a sunset to go to dine, or wave away the stars in their courses to go to sleep, merely because the hour had struck."

"I tell you of all history the most beautiful product is the family tie."

"Loving, like prayer, is a power as well as a process. It's curative. It is creative."

"The unexpressed is always of greater value than the expressed."

"When you look at a corpse you can always sense your own breath better."