Great Throughts Treasury

A database of quotes

Guru Nanak

Indian Religions Leader, Founder of Sikhism

"He must be acquainted with the ,manner of sowing of seeds, and of the good and bad qualities of fields, and he must perfectly know all measures and weights."

"He must be acquainted with the ,proper , wages of servants, with the various languages of men, with the manner of keeping goods, and ,the rules of purchase and sale."

"He who accepts presents from an avaricious king who acts contrary to the Institutes of the sacred law will go in succession to the following twenty one hells."

"He who carefully guards his wife, preserves the purity of his offspring, virtuous conduct, his family, himself, and his ,means of acquiring merit."

"He who describes himself to virtuous men in a manner contrary to truth, is the most sinful wretch in this world, he is a thief who makes away with his own self."

"He who desires happiness must strive after a perfectly contented disposition and control himself, for happiness has contentment for its root, the root of unhappiness is the contrary disposition."

"He neither has father, nor mother, nor sons nor brothers."

"He who forsakes his mother, his father, or a teacher without a sufficient reason, he who has contracted an alliance with outcasts either through the Veda or through a marriage."

"He prospers for a while through unrighteousness, then he gains great good fortune, next he conquers his enemies, but ,at last he perishes ,branch and root."

"He who is appointed to cohabit with the widow shall approach her at night anointed with clarified butter and silent and beget one son, by no means a second."

"He who is persevering, gentle, ,and patient, shuns the company of men of cruel conduct, and does no injury ,to living creatures , gains, if he constantly lives in that manner, by controlling his organs and by liberality, heavenly bliss."

"He who prepares food for himself alone eats nothing but sin, for it is ordained that the food which remains after the performance of the sacrifices shall be the meal of virtuous men."

"He who sells ,for seed corn that which is not seed corn, he who takes up seed ,already sown , and he who destroys a boundary , mark , shall be punished by mutilation."

"He who was begotten according to the peculiar law on the appointed wife of a dead man, of a eunuch, or of one diseased, is called a son begotten on a wife."

"He who uses without permission a carriage, a bed, a seat, a well, a garden or a house belonging to another man takes upon himself one fourth of the owner s guilt."

"He who takes care of his deceased brother s estate and of his widow, shall, after raising up a son for his brother, give that property even to that son."

"He who shows the real home in this body is the Guru. He makes the five sounded word reverberate in man"

"He who takes to wife a marriageable damsel, shall not pay any nuptial fee to her father, for the latter will lose his dominion over her in consequence of his preventing the legitimate result of the appearance of her enemies. ?"

"He who, recollecting his former existences, again recites the Veda, gains endless bliss by the continual study of the Veda."

"He who, having lost his parents or being abandoned ,by them without ,just cause, gives himself to a ,man , is called a son self-given."

"He who, without being a student, gains his livelihood by ,wearing the dress of a student, takes upon himself the guilt of ,all students and is born again in the womb of an animal."

"He whom a man receives as his son after he has been deserted by his parents or by either of them, is called a son cast off."

"Hence an ignorant man should be afraid of accepting any presents, for by reason of a very small ,gift even a fool sinks ,into hell as a cow into a morass."

"Her father protects her in childhood, her husband protects ,her in youth, and her sons protect ,her in old age, a woman is never fit for independence."

"Her loved one is cleansed, bathed in water, and dressed in silken robes."

"Her Husband Lord is permeating and pervading everywhere, beholding Him ever present, she enjoys His Love with intuitive ease."

"hey alone are the friendly Saints, and they alone are happy, who are pleasing to their Lord and Master."

"Him whom a man begets on his own wedded wife, let him know to be a legitimate son of the body the first in rank."

"His (god) compassion is beyond all description. The lord's gifts are so great he expects nothing in return."

"Him who destroys the wall of a town or fills up the ditch round a town , or breaks a town gate, he shall instantly banish."

"His (god) is the timeless form. Never born, self-creating. He is attained by the guru's grace."

"His color and shape cannot be seen, His description is indescribable."

"His Ambrosial Nectar rains down upon them, and they are at peace."

"His humble servants partake of the sweet Ambrosial Nectar of the Lord and are satiated. The Lord seems sweet to their minds, God is merciful to them."

"His uterine brothers, having assembled together, shall equally divide it, and those brothers who were reunited ,with him and the uterine sisters."

"His virtues are infinite none of them can be described."

"I am a sacrifice to such a humble being."

"I am a song bird, I am a meek song bird, I offer my prayer to the Lord."

"I am a sacrifice to those who listen to God with their ears."

"I am a worthless sinner, and I am meek, but I am Yours, I seek Your Sanctuary, O Merciful Lord."

"I am cut into pieces as a sacrifice, to those who have seen my Lord God."

"I am forever a sacrifice to those who have seen the Lord God."

"I am a sinner, I am a worthless sinner, I am meek, but I am Yours, Lord."

"I am neither male nor female, nor am I sexless. I am the Peaceful One, whose form is self-effulgent, powerful radiance."

"I am neither a child, a young man, nor an ancient; nor am I of any caste"

"I am in constant bliss, day and night, egotism has been dispelled from within me."

"I am not the born; how can there be either birth or death for me?"

"I am worthless, without virtue, all virtues are Yours, O Lord."

"I bow at His Feet constantly, and pray to Him, the Guru, the True Guru, has shown me the Way."

"I ask for the Lord s spiritual wisdom, and the Lord s sublime sermon, through the Name of the Lord, I have come to know His value and His state."