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Ralph Nader

American Attorney, Consumer Advocate, Political Activist, Lecturer and Author

"Turn on to politics, or politics will turn on you."

"Unlike members of Congress, Big Business knew what the WTO agreements contained. That's because corporate lobbyists helped draft them."

"Unpatriotic corporations abandon our country and shift industries abroad, along with what is left of their allegiance to our country and our community,"

"Unsafe at any speed"

"Up against the corporate government, voters find themselves asked to choose between look-alike candidates from two parties vying to see who takes the marching orders from their campaign paymasters and their future employers. The money of vested interest nullifies genuine voter choice and trust."

"We are practicing what we preach so that we may preach what we practice."

"We can't simply stand by idly and watch democracy and our government be turned over to the commercial interests of the giant corporations who have forgotten where they came from, which is the U.S.A."

"We don't have a democracy. An election is supposed to involve choice. We don't have a choice."

"We don't measure whether an economy is developing. We just measure whether companies are selling more, whether inventories are up or down, not whether the health, safety and economic well-being of people are being advanced."

"We get one Republican vote for every two Democratic votes, some polls have told us."

"We grow up corporate, not civic. For example, we were led to believe that most crime comes from the street."

"We must strive to become good ancestors."

"We now have a two-party system that is overwhelmed with its own arrogance and complacency, ... It offers little more than Band-Aids for some of the nation's problems and does not project a sense of confidence among the American people."

"We're going to do what the majority of people really like even if they aren't going to vote for a third party, which is to establish a viable third party to keep those two parties (Democrats and Republicans) honest in the future. It is that watchdog function that is so critical."

"We're going to prove them wrong in November,"

"We're testing the waters... It's a high probability but that is yet to be determined."

"We've got to get rid of this discrimination, this chilling, this bigotry toward gays and lesbians that are reflected in literally hundreds and hundreds of statutes and regulations in this country."

"What we have now is democracy without citizens. No one is on the public's side. All the buyers are on the corporation's side. And the bureaucrats in the administration don't think the government belongs to the people."

"When strangers start acting like neighbors... communities are reinvigorated."

"Why are these two men afraid? They should overcome their fear of facing new ideas and alternative voices, and open the process for the American people,"

"Why do you have to stimulate the economy when there's huge unused capacity, when there's plenty of capital around, and when interest rates are at historic lows?"

"You can have a lot more leverage in this country in another way, and that is by determining the margin of victory between Democrats and Republicans. It's not a spoiler role, it's a leverage role."

"You should not allow yourself the luxuries of discouragement of despair. Bounce back immediately, and welcome the adversity because it produces harder thinking and harder drive to get to the objective."

"Your best teacher is your last mistake."