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Horace Bushnell

What we want, above all things, in this age is heartiness and holy simplicity; men who justify the holy impulse of grace in their hearts, and do not keep it back by artificial clogs of prudence and false fear, or the sham pretences of fastidiousness and artificial delicacy. These are they whom God will make His witnesses in all ages. They dare to be holy, dare just as readily to be singular. What God puts in them, that they accept; and when He puts a song, they sing it.

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Josh Billings, pen name for Henry Wheeler Shaw, aka Uncle Esek

Delicacy is the coquetry of truth; fastidiousness is the prudery of falsehood.

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Vladimir Nabokov, fully Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov

Happy is the novelist who manages to preserve an actual love letter that he received when he was young within a work of fiction, embedded in it like a clean bullet in flabby flesh and quite secure there, among spurious lives.

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