Douglas William Jerrold

Douglas William

English Playwright, Editor, Humorist

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A strange volume of real life in the daily packet of the postman. Eternal love and instant payment!

Habitual intoxication is the epitome of every crime.

It is amazing at how small a price may the wedding ring be placed upon a worthless hand; but, by the beauty of our law, what heaps of gold are indispensable to take it off!

Never have a friend that's poorer than yourself.

Some persons can never relish the full moon, out of respect for that venerable institution, the old one.

There is a sanctity in suffering when meekly born. Our duty, though set about by thorns, may still be made a staff, supporting even while it tortures. Cast it away, and, like the prophet's rod, it changes to a snake.

After all there is something about a wedding-gown prettier than in any other gown in the world.

He is one of those wise philanthropists who in a time of famine would vote for nothing but a supply of toothpicks.

It is wonderful how near conceit is to insanity!

Not peace at any price! Chains are worse than bayonets.

Talk to him of Jacob's ladder, and he would ask the number of the steps.

There is peace more destructive of the manhood of living man than war is destructive of his material body.

As for the brandy, "nothing extenuate"; and the water, put nought in in malice.

He kissed her and promised. Such beautiful lips! Man's usual fate - he was lost upon the coral reefs.

It takes all sorts of people to make a world.

Nothing can be truer than fairy wisdom. It is as true as sunbeams.

That fellow would vulgarize the day of judgment.

To the true teacher, time's hour-glass should still run gold-dust.

Blessed be the hand that prepares a pleasure for a child, for there is no saying when and where it may bloom forth.

He was so benevolent, so merciful a man that, in his mistaken passion, he would have held an umbrella over a duck in a shower of rain.

Jewels! It's my belief that when woman was made, jewels were invented only to make her the more mischievous.

Nothing is so beneficial to a young author as the advice of a man whose judgment stands constitutionally at the freezing-point.

That questionable superfluity—small beer.

Treason is like diamonds; there is nothing to be made by the small trader.

Conscience, though ever so small a worm while we live, grows suddenly into a serpent on our deathbed.

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English Playwright, Editor, Humorist