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British Video Game Designer and Game Programmer

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Thus we can see that ? at least at the level of economics ? democracy is a sort of slow-motion suicide, in which you are told that it is the highest civic virtue to approve of those

We're explorers who have just discovered this new continent of emotion.

You can actually break someone's neck on some railing during combat. It could be a spike on a fence or a solid brick wall, and you'll get increased experience for that as well.

To be yourself is in many ways, is to be inconvenient to others. Only placaters and appeasers get along with other people all the time and that's not really getting along with anyone. That's just self-erasure. To be alive, to be in a relationship is to constantly court inconvenience to others and out of that inconvenience can come enormous growth. I simply work as an empiricist. Empiricism comes first. So, I speak things that are inconvenient to others but, true for me. I observe their response. It's incredibly easy to find out the truth in your relationships. All you do is speak the truth. You speak the truth about what's on your mind to those around you and their true natures will be revealed in about 5 seconds. You have honesty in your relationships. You speak the truth about your experience, thought's, and feelings in your relationships and then you do not control how other people respond. You?re as honest as can be and you simply observe how they respond. It's like that spray you use to see the lasers in the room. Honesty reveals everything. OK So, if these people constantly sacrifice my happiness, security, and mental health for the sake of their petty emotional selfish needs then I could choose to stay in those relationships if I want. I mean, I could choose to continue to hire an employee who steals from me every day. I just have to be aware that he's stealing from me every day.

We've got tons of graphs and data coming in, and looking at that is the most inspirational thing I have seen as a game designer, ever.

You can eliminate starvation or you can double it, you can empty the treasury or fill it with gold and rub it all over your body.

To connect is to dissolve the imaginary pyramids of artificial privilege.

What do the taps mean?

You can shake people's hands, you can hug them, too. We were inspired by the American man hug - although please don't do it with British people, we find the closeness of the genitalia really frightening.

To frame someone for murder is pretty hard but to palm a packet of cocaine and say that you found it in their car is pretty damn easy and the government loves having that power.

What do woman say to little boys? Stop fighting. Stop being so rough. Stop rough housing. They're boys you know, that's kinda what they're supposed to do. So, men are supposed to overcome all these biological drives and I'm just really interested in helping women overcome theirs caus' I think the spotlight of Outgrow your bestial nature. has been pointed just a little bit too long at men and I think it's time to swivel that motherfucker around and point it at woman and say stop making yourself look like fucking sex clowns to milk money out of men's dicks. Stop lying about who you are and what you're about. Stop being flirty, manipulative, and trying to be sexy. Just stop doing it. It's time for women to outgrow biology just as men have been instructed to for about the last 20,000 years to outgrow their biology. Stop slamming doors. Stop yelling. Stop climbing trees. Stop being rude. Stop farting. Stop enjoying fart jokes. Just stop being men. Ok, Well; women stop being women. Be people. Be people who have sex, absolutely but, don't be caricatures. Don't aim to be like a woman who looks like the outline of some playboy mud-flap on a trucker's rig. Just be people. Be sexual. Enjoy your sexuality and bodies but, stop trying to bury us in tits so that we pass out and you can rifle through our bank accounts. Just stop doing that shit. I won't enable it anymore. Why does your face have to look like some half rained on Picasso water color? I don't need rainbows on the face of a woman. I don't need these weird butterfly wing Goth eyebrows and shit like that. Male sexuality is demonized and female sexuality is elevated. That's bullshit. Then women wonder why men prefer porn to them. It's caus' porn doesn't nag you for wanting stuff that's defined as kinky or weird. Male sexuality is demonized and held in low esteem. Woman's sexuality is always beautiful. Woman's sexuality is unremitting shallow. I'm not saying men's isn't but, we know that about men, right? What turns women on? Women say confidence. Do you know what that means? Money. Do women say He is really confident about his sidewalk art. He is really confident about his subway busking. That's such a turn on! Why do men like looking at naked women and women get turned on looking at clothed men? Because if a man's clothes aren't on you don't know how expensive his wardrobe is. This is what Mohammad Ali said. I'm going to throw on some old jeans and a old t-shirt and I'm just gonna walk down into some little town and find some woman who doesn't know who the hell I am and then when she's fallen in love with me and we get married, I'm going to take her to my million dollar mansion and my yacht. This is the reality. Once you start having money, once you start having power, then the true nature of massive swaths of female sexuality becomes clear.

You cannot connect with anyone except through reality.

To go back to those grass roots again, and to go and get your hands so incredibly dirty from fiddling around.

What do you want, as a player, to be when you play football, and what do you want to feel when you play?

You know what this industry's like, as soon as there is the scent of death, everyone jumps on the hearse.

To see the farm is to leave it.

What is so often said about the solders of the 20th century is that they fought to make us free. Which is a wonderful sentiment and one witch should evoke tremendous gratitude if in fact there was a shred of truth in that statement but, it's not true. It's not even close to true in fact it's the opposite of truth.

You look back in time to when there was slavery and you think 'how did people even remotely believe that this was a good idea?'.

Tribalism is an addiction that is driven by false beliefs that need to be reflected back to be perceived as true.

When you rip your fingers on the screen and you tear the landscape apart with your physical hands, it just feels amazing, man. It feels amazing.

You sneak that little thing in there at the end.

Truth has nothing to do with the conclusion, and everything to do with the methodology.

When you watch a film, you think why does the baddy have to lose? In James Bond, I always thought it's so unfair, it must have taken ages to build that base and think of the staffing costs!

You?re trying to control others by withholding information by not getting involved and by not being honest. Withholding information is a form of manipulation. It is dishonest and it?s destructive to a relationship.

Trying to solve complex social problems using the state, is like trying to create a beautiful painting with a machine gun: all you get is holes in the canvas, recoil aches, and a smell of cordite in the air.

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British Video Game Designer and Game Programmer