Serbian Proverbs


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You can run anywhere you want, you won?t run away from yourself.

You don't need a candle to look for a fool.

You never get a headache from winning.

Your ancestor's glory should not prevent you from winning your own.

You are not being honest if you burn your tongue and don't tell everyone else that the soup is hot.

You can judge what you make by what others make.

Whoever wins makes the law.

Wife carries her husband on her face, and husband carries his wife on his shirt.

With a cup you can empty the biggest barrel.

Without being smoked out, cannot get warm by the fire.

Without old bull, there is no deep plowing.

Without tools there is no craft.

Wolf changes coats, but not his nature.

Woman is an evil necessary for life.

Woman relies on her crying, and criminal on lying.

Women?s tongue is worse than Turkish sword.

Word never spoken is word never heard.

Words can tie and untie.

Whoever gets to the girl first gets the girl.

Whoever is crazy, don?t be their friend.

Whoever is handy, scores double.

Whoever lies for you, will also lie against you.

Whoever flies high, falls down low.

Who wants more, loses what is already in the sack.

Who you are with, that?s what you are like.

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