Serbian Proverbs


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Whoever doesn?t pay on the bridge, will pay on the bridgeworks.

Who didn?t serve, cannot command.

Who lies twice, third time is not taken seriously.

Who digs a hole for others, falls into it himself.

Who rides in another?s car, won?t get far.

Who digs a trap for others ends up in it himself.

Who speaks a lot ? either knows a lot or lies a lot.

Who doesn?t have a hawk, gets happy even with a cuckoo bird.

Who spits at the sky, it falls on his cheek.

Who doesn?t know until age of 20, doesn?t have until the age of 30, is a burden for his household.

Who doesn?t listen to people, is not a man.

Who doesn?t patch the old, doesn?t wear the new either.

Who doesn?t pay with their hands, will pay with their soul.

Who doesn?t want a brother for his brother, takes a stranger for the rules.

Who follows other?s business, forgets his own.

Who gets bit by a snake is afraid of a lizard.

Who gets burned once, blows into cold.

Who goes to the tavern, feeds other people?s children.

Who has wine for dinner, he has water for breakfast.

While the branch is young, it should be straightened.

Who is not ashamed of people is also not afraid of God.

Who breaks faith, the faith will him.

Who is not ashamed of people, has no fear of people.

Where is someone?s house, there is the center of the universe.

Where people are promising much to you, bring a small bag.

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