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The truth will not catch up with a runaway lie.

The word of a man is like a piece of a bark which has fallen from a tree (bark does not go back to its place and man does not take back his word).

The world is like a shadow: in the morning it is turned towards one direction, in the evening towards the opposite one (i.e. it is changeable).

The teeth and the tongue are close neighbors, and yet they sometimes bite each other.

The truth can never catch up with a propagated lie (be proactive instead of being reactive)

The sandals of a dead man are more valuable than he is (there is no benefit from a dead man).

The short-eared sheep does not hear the complaints about the drought (it forgets about the sufferings of others once it is full)

The sleeping herdsman?s cow calves a he-calf.

The sling feels no animosity towards the birds (i.e. it kills them not through animosity, but by the will of its owner).

The snake?s teeth grow from one mandible (they are bound from below). This means: Kinsmen are bound by indissoluble ties.

The soul tells you to run as fast as you can (i.e. to save your life with all your might).

The stronger man will rule the house.

The man who does something is the one to scold.

The man who guards the sleep of others sheep not sleep.

The man whom you failed to know within an hour you will not know within a year.

The most dangerous thing a man needs is woman.

The mother of a brave man soon loses her son (dies without sons).

The neck of a dik-dik cannot be divided in half (it is too small). The dik-dik is a miniature antilope.

The person who does not listen to an elder's advice gets his or her leg broken.

The restless foot comes across trouble (shame).

The right decision does not come by itself (i.e. it has to be found).

The law will not save you from the man you have failed to save yourself from with your fist.

The locust flew away but it left hardship.

The fool knew where they fought but not where they were reconciled.

The fowl digs out the blade that kills it.

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