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Many words cannot fill a pitcher.

Marry a woman you are sure of and you will have no doubt of your children (i.e. you will be sure that you are their father).

Men for tea, women for talk.

Men like tea, women like conversation.

Justice knows its God only (justice is justice and it must be served justly and equally to all men)

Justice knows only Allah.

Lend a false ear to false words.

Let what is on this side of the bank be washed out by the flood, and what is on that side of the bank be carried away by the wind.

Look before you leap (Consider all aspects of a situation before you take any action).

It is you who need advice, it does not need you (therefore advice should be appreciated).

It makes no difference if you carry or drag a branch (to make a fence) it will get to the same yard (house).

It was heat that made the cooking pot boil (it was a certain reason that made that person angry.

It?s the women who make some men succeed where others fail.

In What one hides (from people) there is always something bad (a piece of shit).

Is it possible to gnaw a hego and not break any teeth. Hego is the very hard fruit of one of the palm trees.

It is all the same to a stone whether you touch it or squeeze it (i.e. it does not matter).

It is better to have an aching leg than an aching spirit (stomach, i.e. it is better to do something despite tiredneess, than later to regret that it had not been done).

It is level at the rod standing upright and it is level at the rod lying flat. (Said when someone appears to be using double standards.)

It is not bad to ask each other for something, but it is bad to dodge each other.

It is not the madness that gets in trouble but its owner (i.e. the madman himself).

It is written on the face (neck) of everyone that he thinks himself good.

In good times be ready for bad times (because times always change).

In striving for gains you will sit even on a dogskin.

In the ocean, one does not need to sow water.

In the rainless season dry grass is (rich) fodder.

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