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Atharva Veda, or Atharvaveda

Sacred Text of Hinduism and One of the Four Vedas meaning "knowledge"

"A 'brahmachari' (a celibate) acts in such a way that treading the paths of both earth and heaven becomes a pleasurable experience; that is why all the Gods always dwell with him(in his heart)."

"A brahmachari is he, who tries to attain enlightenment while he is alive and aspires for 'salvation' after his death. He incessantly makes efforts to improve upon his intellect and knowledge and to treads on the path of truth. Quite naturally gods are pleased by him and dwell in his heart."

"A devotee, who spends his time in austerities has nothing to worry about as God fulfills all his needs."

"A full jar has been placed upon Time; him, verily, we see existing in many forms. He carries away all these beings (worlds); they call him Time in the highest heaven."

"A king, who rules as per the aspiration of people will naturally become popular. He will successfully rule his kingdom for a very long time."

"A man can sustain himself without food for few days but he cannot live without water for a single day."

"A man should become strong both physically and mentally, so that he could successfully meet the challenges of this world."

"A man is not scared of the 'Past' i.e. bygone days, no matter how bitter it might have been."

"A man should do things which he is good doing at and go and settle in places where prospects look good for his growth and prosperity."

"A man should work hard to earn wealth so that he does not have any problem in arranging things necessary for running household successfully."

"A person should refrain from all those things that take him towards fallacy, misery, ignorance and degradation."

"A person, whose heart is pure, remains untouched by 'pain' just as an assiduous person remains aloof from sinful deeds."

"A miser, unwilling to spend his money, fails to utilize his wealth properly. His mind is occupied by nothing but only one thought-how to preserve his wealth. To ensure the safety of his wealth, he spends most of his time worrying about the means to guard it. Thus, he becomes lethargic."

"A virtuous person enjoys happiness, peace and prosperity and is liked by everybody. Such a person is blessed with a long life."

"A person might appear poor, distressed, and depressed to ordinary mortals; he might not have the exterior demonstration of devotion, but God could be ever installed in his heart, guiding and guarding him. He might be doing all acts as acts of worship to the God residing in his heart."

"A story from 'Last Barrier' aptly illustrates it. The Turkish Sufi Master tells his Christians devotee that every morning he sends a message of love to no one particular; whoever is ready, listens to it, responds."

"A woman should perform the duties of a wife without any complain, give birth to good children and bring them up as ideal citizens."

"A woman should always think good of her family and should work according to her husband's wishes so that a peaceful, happy and cordial atmosphere prevails in the family."

"A weak man can never achieve success in his life."

"A woman who possesses all the qualities will quite naturally not have any problem in fulfilling her obligations towards her family and quite obviously keep everybody in the family happy and satisfied. A house in which such a woman dwells is always prosperous and full of comforts and luxuries."

"About thee (my husband) I have placed the overpowering (plant), upon thee placed the very overpowering one. May thy mind run after me as a calf after the cow, as water along its course."

"Abstinence from sinful deeds not only ensures freedom from 'pains' but it also bless us with good health and long life."

"Agitated in their minds, their sight, their hearts, the enemies shall run, frightened with terror, when our oblation has been offered."

"Adoration of God has to be through one name and one form; but, that should not limit your loyalty to that particular province only."

"Accepting the Command of the Lord's Will, I have found total peace; the home of suffering has been destroyed."

"Agony and anxiety have not softened his heart; adventure and achievement have not made him humble. He is proud of his advance in the path of hatred and haughtiness. He revels in cruelty and sin. He displays an unholy satisfaction in immorality and untruth. He has reduced himself to a level lower than that of beasts."

"All are equal in birth and in death. Differences arise only during the interval. The Emperor and the beggar are both born naked; they sleep equally silently; they bow out without even leaving their new address. Then how can their reality be different? There can be no doubt on this score. All are basically the same."

"All men are Mine; so the whole World has to be saved from the consequences of ignorance or limited knowledge."

"All are wicked to some extent or other. Therefore, everyone needs correction; and everyone has to be educated and guided into the right path."

"All other tastes are bland and insipid; through them, the body and mind are rendered insipid as well."

"All the created beings are contaminated by emotional attachment; they die and are reborn, only to die over and over again."

"An enlightened man naturally engages himself in virtuous deeds."

"An unhealthy body can never enjoy happiness."

"An enthusiastic person is brave and hence he always remains unharmed by his enemies as they are scared of him."

"Almost all the fields and walks of life are polluted with these poisonous feelings; but the field of education, being the most prominent organ, needs our special attention."

"All things belong to God; all places belong to God. I am forever a sacrifice to God."

"Any thought, speech or deed causing harms to other is 'sin' while anything which is beneficial for others... gives joy to others is 'virtue'."

"Anxiety is removed by faith in the Lord; the faith that tells you that whatever happens is for the best and that the Lord's will be done."

"Anybody taking the above resolutions will naturally make efforts to fulfill them."

"As dust a steed did she, as soon as she was born, scatter these people, that dwelt upon the earth, she the lovely one, the leader, the guardian of the world, that holds the trees and plants."

"As great as are the heavens and earth in extent, as far as the waters have swept, as far as fire; to these art thou superior."

"As if a fire is burning him, as if the forest-fire burns in various directions, this jealousy of his do thou quench, as a fire (is quenched) with water."

"As long as I walked along, carrying the load, I continued to pay the fine. But I threw away that bundle, when I met the Perfect Guru; O Nanak, then I became fearless."

"As the best of the plants thou art reputed, O herb, turn this man for me to-day into a eunuch that wears his hair dressed."

"As the lightning at all times smites irresistibly the tree, thus would I to-day irresistibly beat the gamesters with my dice."

"As the earth is dead in spirit, in spirit more dead than the dead, and as the spirit of him that has died, thus shall the spirit of the jealous (man) be dead."

"As the wild animals of the forest start in fear from man, thus do thou, O drum, shout against the enemies, frighten them away, and bewilder their minds."

"As women break reeds for a mattress with a stone, thus do I break thy member."

"At night, when you retire to sleep, feel that you are entering the green-room after the scene, but with the dress of your role on; for perhaps the role is not yet over and you have not yet been permitted to take the dress off. Perhaps, you have to make another entrance the next morning. Do not worry about that. Place yourself fully at His Disposal; He knows; He has written the play and He knows how it will end and how it will go on; Yours is but to act and retire."

"Be convinced of one Truth about Me; Swami will never lay his hand on a task without proper reason and without some profound effect that will flow there from."