Great Throughts Treasury

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John Woolman

American Quaker

"Some glances of real beauty may be seen in their faces who dwell in true meekness. There is a harmony in the sound of that voice to which divine love gives utterance, and some appearance of right order in their temper and conduct whose passions are regulated."

"In true silence strength is renewed, and the mind is weaned from all things, save as they may be enjoyed in the Divine will; and a lowliness in outward living, opposite to worldly honour, becomes truly acceptable to us."

"With an increase of wealth, the desire of wealth increases."

"To be employed in all things connected with virtue is most agreeable with the character and inclinations of an honest man."

"May we look upon our treasure, the furniture of our houses, and our garments, and try to discover whether the seeds of war have nourishment in these our possessions."