Great Throughts Treasury

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Author Listing

Marc Chagall, born Moishe Shagal

Rusian-born French Modernist Painter

Charles Kendall Adams

American Educator and Historian, President of Cornell University and President of the University of Wisconsin

Ahad HaAm, pen name, born Asher Zvi Hirsch Ginsberg

Hebrew Essayist, Zionist

Berthold Auerbach

German Novelist

Gamaliel Bailey

American Journalist, Abolitionist, Editor and Publisher

Walter Bagehot

English Economist, Critic, Businessman, Essayist, Social Darwinist and Journalist who wrote extensively about Literature, Government and Economic Affairs

Charles Pierre Baudelaire

French Poet, Art Critic

Abel Bonnard

French Poet, Novelist and Politician

Percy W. Bridgman, fully Percy Williams Bridgman

American Physicist awarded Nobel Prize in Physics

Arthur Burns, fully Arthur Frank Burns

American Economist, Chairman of the Federal Reserve

Richard E. Byrd, fully Richard Evelyn Byrd, Jr.

American Naval Officer, Pioneer, Aviator, Polar Explorer

Hugh C. Cameron

American Brigadier General, Vice Commander, 9TH Air Force, U.S. Central Command Air Forces

Canassatego Treaty of Lancaster NULL

Canassatego, Onondaga Chief. Treaty concluded between the Six Nations (Iroquois) and the colonies of Virginia and Maryland. Deliberations began at Lancaster, Pennsylvania on June 28, and ended on July 4, 1744.

Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour, fully Camillo Paolo Filippo Giulio Benso, conte di Cavour

Italian Piedmontese Statesman, Politician and Patriot, Minister of the Kingdom of Sardinia, First President of the Council of Ministers

Edgar Cayce, known as the "Sleeping Prophet"

American Psychic, "father of holistic medicine," and the most documented psychic of the 20th century. For more than 40 years, Cayce gave psychic "readings" to thousands of seekers while in an unconscious state, diagnosing illnesses and revealing lives lived in the past and prophecies yet to come

Edward S. Casey

American Philosopher, President of the American Philosophical Association, Chairman of the Philosophy Department at Stony Brook University

Charles I NULL

Charles I was King of England, King of Scotland, and King of Ireland until his execution

Pierre Charron

French Catholic Priest and Philosopher

Chazon Ish, named Rabbi Avraham Yeshayahu Karelitz

Named Rabbi Avraham Yeshayahu Karelitz, Worldwide Authority on Jewish Law, Talmudic Author

Peter Cheney

Canadian Feature Writer for Canadian Newspaper, The Globe and Mall

Samuel Butler

English Poet, Novelist, Scholar, Translator

William Pitt, Lord Chatham or Lord William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham, aka The Elder Pitt and The Great Commander

English Whig Statesman, Prime Minister of Great Britain who led Britain during the Seven Years' War

Adam Clarke

English Divine

Jeremy Collier

English Non-Juror Bishop, Theologian and Theater Critic

Tim Considine, fully Timothy Daniel "Tim" Considine

American Child and Young Adult Actor who was popular in the late 1950s and early 1960s, Writer, Photographer, and Automotive Historian

Steven H. Coogler

American Businessman, CEO of Acme Logistics Inc.

Nathaniel Cotton

English Poet and Physician

Mandell Creighton

English Historian, Bishop of the Church of England,a scholar of the Renaissance Papacy

Taisen Deshimaru

Japanese Sōtō Zen Buddhist Teacher, Founded the Association Zen Internationale

Lewis W. Dillwyn, fully Lewis Weston Dillwyn

English Porcelain Manufacturer, Naturalist and Member of Parliament

Diogenes Laërtius, aka "Diogenes the Cynic"

Greek Philosopher and Biographer

Dubner Magid, name for Rabbi Jacob ben wolf Krantz

Lithuanian-born Russian Rabbi, Teacher on Morals and Ethics, Torah Scholar and Master Orator

Melvin James Evans

American Businessman, President of Melvin J Evans Company, a Management Engineering, Industrial Relations and Marketing Company

Owen Feltham

English Author, Author of book entitled, "Resolves, Divine, Moral and Political"

Nosson Tzvi Finkel

American-born Haredi Litvish Rabbia and Den of the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem

David Friedman

American Economist, Physicist, Legal ScholarAuthor and Libertarian Theorist

Stéphanie Félicité, Comtesse de Genlis, born Stéphanie Félicité Ducrest de Saint-Aubin

French Author

Henry J. Golding


Zane Grey Orig. name Pearl Grey

American Western Romantic Novelist

Walter Hagen, fully Sir Walter Charles Hagen

American Professional Golfer

Aaron Ha-Levi

Medieval Rabbi, Talmudic Scholar and Halakhist

Hugh Hamilton

Irish-English Clergy

Julius Charles Hare (1795-1855) and his brother Augustus William Hare

English Clergyman, Wrote in Collaboration

Moses Heifetz


Felicia Hemans, fully Felicia Dorothea Browne Hemans

English Poet

Bruce Herschensohn

American Political Commentator and Senior Fellow at Pepperdine University

Billie Holiday, born Eleanora Fagan

American Blues and Jazz Singer and Songwriter, nicknamed "Lady Day" by her Friend and Musical Partner, Lester Young

Lynn Hill, aka Lynn Hill-Raffa

America’s Foremost Female Rock-Climber, married to climber Russ Raffa

Max Horkheimer

German Jewish Philosopher and Sociologist, member of the Frankfort School

Thomas Hobbes

English Political Philosopher