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Evelyn Waugh, fully Evelyn Arthur St. John Waugh

Downstairs Peter Beste-Chetwynde mixed himself another brandy and soda and turned a page in Havelock Ellis, which, next to The Wind in the Willows, was his favourite book.

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Evelyn Waugh, fully Evelyn Arthur St. John Waugh

I never see you now,’ she said. ‘I never seem to see anyone I like. I don’t know why.’ But she spoke as though it were a matter of weeks rather than of years; as though, too, before our parting we had been firm friends. It was dead contrary to the common experience of such encounters, when time is found to have built its own defensive lines, camouflaged vulnerable points, and laid a field of mines across all but a few well-trodden paths, so that, more often than not, we can only signal to one another from either side of the tangle of wire.

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Evelyn Waugh, fully Evelyn Arthur St. John Waugh

The audiences certainly have [declined]. If I go to the theatre now I find people come there to eat and smoke and talk to one another. And look like scarecrows.

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Ezer Weizman

Give it a kick at the right place and it'll work.

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Ezra Taft Benson

The proud wish God would agree with them. They are not interested in changing their opinions to agree with God's.

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Felix Adler

The family is the school of duties... founded on love.

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H. L. Mencken, fully Henry Louis Mencken

Every man is thoroughly happy twice in his life: just after he has met his first love, and just after he has left his last one.

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